About BMG

About BioMorphic Geometry:

Look Beyond Your DNA to Experience Natural Healing

What is BioMorphic Geometry™?
BioMorphic Geometry™ (BMG) is a ground-breaking new energy healing science and technology discovered and developed by Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor/Intuitive Healer and Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive/Healer, Co-Founders of The Way To Balance, LLC.

Often referred to as the next generation of sacred geometry, or healing with numbers, BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) is based on the subtle energy principles of creating resonant energy healing frequencies through form, space, numbers and exact geometric proportion.

The Singletons’ extensive research and decades of hands-on energy work with thousands of clients has led them to discover and develop this new, free-form geometry that arranges key geometric components (including radii, diameters, arcs, chords, tangents, angles, triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, sine waves, symbols and numbers) in very specific placements and proximity to each other.

This new science of BioMorphic Geometry™ – and the specific BMG Energy Healing Designs that the Singletons have created – enable a person to experience a shift within his or her conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body. This happens because our human bodies – all the way down to the level of our DNA – can “read” and respond to the energy frequencies created by the BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) Energy Healing Design Cards and images, and help you resonate with the energy of a specific BMG design.

What is a BMG™ Energy Healing Design?
Each unique BMG Energy Healing Design includes numeric algorithms and geometric pattern sequences that communicate and interact with the body, as well as the various energy fields around the body, to prompt healing and positive transformation.  The BMG Energy Healing Cards, Clothing and Accessories each provide specific positive healing opportunities for the user.

The Singletons’ extensive research and decades of hands-on energy work with thousands of clients has
led them to develop this next-generation of sacred geometry energy healing with numbers and symbols.

How do BMG Energy Healing Products Work?
The layout and specific dimensions of each BMG Energy Healing Product:

  • Creates a resonating morphic field that identifies imbalances in your DNA, brain, body and bioplasmic field.
  • Provides a numeric and geometric algorithm to remind and entrain the brain, body and BPF to the desired state
  • Creates an opportunity to correct and release the imbalances.

For example, if you carry interference or a blockage to “being happy”, it will draw your attention (unconsciously or consciously) to the area of interference or blockage, giving you the opportunity to acknowledge and release it. A BioMorphic Geometry field is comparable to a radio wave that carries information. The frequencies of the fields are created by patterns, shapes, numbers, etc. and their relationship to each other.

Why is it Called BioMorphic Geometry?

BIO: As in biology: Of, relating to, caused by, or affecting life or living organisms.

MORPHIC: Able to transform or to be transformed completely in appearance or character. Morphic also refers to morphic resonance, the concept that through a telepathic effect (morphic field), information can be transferred to an organism through a sympathetic vibration.

GEOMETRY: The mathematics of the properties, measurements, and relationships of numbers, points, lines, angles, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional representations.

Thus, BioMorphic Geometry uses the frequencies of sets of shapes and forms designed to create unique morphic fields that initiate transformational change within living organisms.