BMG Energy Healing Clothing and Accessories

BMG™ Energy Healing Clothing & Accessories

Perfect for any season, BMG Energy Healing Clothing provides comfortable, healthy layering by day, and sleepwear at night! BMG™ Energy Healing Clothing is generally available in several colors, plus “white on white” and “black on black” as some clients prefer to wear the BMG Healing Clothing in a more subtle manner with business attire, or for layering with other clothing.

Spark of Life “Spark of Life” Pendant:
DESCRIPTION: We call this the “Spark of Life” Pendant, because it is a Nitric Oxide-Stimulating Pendant. Nitric Oxide is indeed the “Spark of Life” and the master “feel-good” molecule, which causes your conscious (thinking) and unconscious (autonomic) parts of the brain and body to work together, instead of being at odds with each other. The BMG design is engraved into a tempered glass pendant and comes with a waxed cotton cord with a solid sterling silver clasp, in a gift box. Learn more in the Spark of Life Pendant Usage Guide. NITRIC OXIDE is a gas comprised of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen (chemical name NO) that is highly pleasurable, gives you a great boost of vitality/energy, improves your health and sex life, and helps you manifest any additional positive changes you desire in your life. When it is created internally, this gas has no harmful side effects and will not get you arrested. Do we have your attention yet?! Click here for full details of this stunning pendant’s features, benefits, and practical usage guide, to enhance your health.

Price: $ 99
The Spark of Life Pendant

BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad:
DESCRIPTION: The Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) emitted by your computer, cell phone, cordless phone, GPS, satellite radio, blue tooth, WiFi, hybrid electric car, airplane travel, and more may expose you to EMFs 30 to 100 times greater than suggested safe limits. Through BioMorphic Geometry Technology, many of the common side-effects of EMF exposure may be reduced or eliminated, as the EMF Eliminator Pad clears your body and your environment. The EMF Eliminator Pad is specifically designed to neutralize, break up and release EMF, RFR, ELF and IF residues from the body, and create a neutral or nearly EMF-free zone. The design interacts with your DNA, body and energy fields to lessen the EMF load from devices with which you commonly come into contact. The Pad creates a protective field with a 65-foot radius in each direction from it.

Price: $ 69
BMG EMF Eliminator Mouse Pad

A lively conversation starter and a unique and powerful healing accessory, the Healthy, Happy, Healed (HHH) BMG energy healing design on our collection of t-shirts and tank tops will transmit its healing energy to you, as well as anyone within 10 feet ahead of you or behind you. Users feel a pleasant, happy feeling and gentle tingling throughout their body when wearing HHH design tanks/tees.

Price: $39.00To Order: Call our Center at 978-834-0341 for color and size availability.

Available Sizes: Small-3XL
Color Palette 1:
Pictured from left: Garnet, Red, Texas Orange (NOTE: it is more of a warm copper color than shows in the photo), Orange, Coral, Papaya, Yellow, Butter, Raspberry, Plum, Fuchsia
womens2 Color Palette 2:
Pictured from left: Olive, Grass, Mint, Teal, Aqua, Light Blue, Lilac, Maroon, Eggplant, Royal, Purple
Available sizes: Small-2XL
Color Palette 1:
Pictured from left: Lavender, white, aqua, black, pink, papaya, red. Also available: Black-on-black and white-on-white, for subtlety in business or social occasions or layering.
Available Sizes: Med-3XL
Pictured from left: Black, Garnet, Light Blue, Purple, Brown, Heather (gray), Royal. Most T-shirts have white lettering; heather gray has black lettering.
META-BOOST™ (Metabolism Boost) Design:
The unique, powerful Meta-Boost BMG energy healing design promotes a healthy, balanced metabolism and weight normalization. It also helps resolve leptin resistance and insulin resistance. For best results, users must wear daily, and may need to build up the length of wearing time, depending on their body’s response to the Meta-Boost Design.PRICE: $39Sizes: S-2XL
Colors (call for availability):To Order: Call our Center at 978-834-0341 for color and size availability.
OXY-KAT™ (Oxygen Catalyst) Design:
The unique Oxy-Kat BMG energy healing design serves as an oxygen catalyst, encouraging greater oxygenation of the body, and an energy boost for exercise/workouts, decreasing afternoon fatigue, and encouraging better breathing. This may be a natural choice for individuals with cardiac or respiratory issues including asthma, emphysema, COPD, congestive heart failure, chronic bronchitis, cancer, lymphoma or other low oxygen level challenges.Price: $39.00To Order: Call our Center at 978-834-0341 for color and size availability.CLICK HERE to view photos and size/color assortments for the OxyKat T-shirts and Tanks.STYLES, SIZES, & COLORS:WOMEN’S V-NECK OXY-KAT DESIGN T-SHIRTS:Sizes: S-2XL
Colors (call for availability):
Apple, Aqua, Banana, Black, Brown, Cantaloupe, Charcoal, Chill, Cobalt Blue, Coral, Eggplant, Fuchsia, Garnet, Grass, Heather (93/7), Hot Pink, Indigo, Iris, Kelly, Key Lime, Lavender, Light Blue, Lilac, Mandarin, Maroon, Melon, Mint, Navy, Olive, Orange, Pale Green, Papaya, Pink, Plum, Purple, Raspberry Sorbet, Red, Royal, Silver, Teal, Texas Orange, Turquoise, White, YellowMEN’S CREW NECK OXY-KAT DESIGN T-SHIRTS:
Sizes: S-3XL
Colors: (Call for availability)
Apple, Black, Brown, Butter, Charcoal, Chill, Cobalt Blue, Garnet, Heather (90/10), Hot Pink, Indigo, Kelly, Key Lime, Light Blue, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Silver, White, Yellow