BMG Return Policy

Product Return Policy

Eligible* Returns:

  • Must be sealed in box or bottle, in original shrink wrap
  • Must have an expiration date that exceeds 90 days
  • Returns within 15 days of purchase receive refund or credit on account
  • Returns within 30 days of purchase receive credit on account only
  • No refunds for returns after 30 days from purchase (we will gladly accept it as   a donation for another client in need)
  • No refunds of Shipping and Handling fees
  • All eligible returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee

The Energy Of Life® (EOL) products are not eligible for return, except for Compact Disks, if returned within 30 days and sealed in original shrink wrap packaging.

*For questions about product return eligibility, please inquire when making your purchase. | 21 Water Street | Amesbury, MA 01913 | 978-834-0341