What is BioMorphic Geometry™?

BioMorphic Geometry™ (BMG)is the ground-breaking new science & technology developed by Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor/Intuitive Healer and Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive/Healer, Co-Founders of The Way To Balance, LLC.

BMG is based on the subtle energy principles of creating resonant frequencies through form, space, numbers and exact geometric proportion. BioMorphic Geometry™ enables a person to experience a shift within his or her conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body.

Our bodies - all the way down to the level of our cellular DNA - can ‘read’ and respond to energy frequencies created by the Biomorphic Geometry™ (BMG) Designs on BMG Energy Healing Cards, Clothing, and Accessories.

BioMorphic Geometry Products

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BMG Clothing & Accessories

Energy Healing Clothing

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Pet Healing

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FREE 26-page SUPPLEMENT to the Product Usage Guide for the BioMorphic Geometry BALANCE Cards

This 26-page Supplement to the BMG Usage Guide is loaded with additional suggested uses and examples for how to use your BMG Balance Cards. Please click below to download the BMG Supplemental Usage Guide for Free! (The primary BMG Usage Guide is provided with purchase of the BMG Balance Card Kit, available in the BMG Energy Healing Cards Collection.)